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Learn how to complete an initial Bookkeeping Health Check, scope a job & prepare a quote for new client rescue jobs.
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What's included?

All documents are downloadable as .docx or .xlsx format accordingly.



Once off fee $50 $150 $250 $450
Online Masterclass
Bonus Audio Teachings
Health Check FAQs
Health Check Report Basic Template Basic Template Advanced Template Advanced Template
Health Check Example
Health Check Template Basic + Instructions + Instructions
Initial Consult Form
Email Templates x 4
Proposal Template Outline + Pricing Table + Pricing Table
Proposal Cover Letter
Engagement Letter
Legal T&Cs Template
Amy Hooke The Savvy Bookkeeper Bookkeepers Voice Podcast-1Hi Savvy Bookkeeper, I'm Amy Hooke. I'm a bookkeeper who helps other bookkeepers automate and streamline their processes, pricing, on-boarding and authority documents in their preferred e-signature platform.
I'm a BAS Agent and degree qualified bookkeeper running a virtual practice in Australia. I started bookkeeping over 20 years ago and my genius lies in rescue jobs, scoping jobs and fixed-price quoting.
And now, I want to give you my best knowledge, checklists and templates.
Join my Bookkeeping Health Check Masterclass now and make your bookkeeping business SAVVY!
Amy Hooke, CEO & Founder at Off The Hook Bookkeeping and The Savvy Bookkeeper



Everything from Free

90 Mins Online Training + Replay

Ask Questions


plus GST


Everything from Basic

Plus Email Templates

Health Check Template


plus GST

Trainer Bio - Amy Hooke

Trainer Amy Hooke

I've been doing rescue jobs for over 20 years, and now I'm giving you all my tips and templates.


Everything from Plus

Plus Proposal Template

Health Check Template w/ Instructions


plus GST


Everything from Advanced

Plus Full Proposal w/ Engagement Letter

Including Legal T&Cs

Health Check Template w/ Instructions (AirTable)


plus GST

I found this so valuable and succinct!

Jo Bryant, Bryant's Bookkeeping Dulwich Hill, NSW

jo bryant
Nobody comes with a beautiful set of books!

Malisa Clarence, MBooks Sydney, NSW

Malisa Clarence
I attended the Bookkeeping Health Check Masterclass in August and it was terrific. I gained loads of helpful information and ideas from it, which I've already put to use. Thanks Amy and Team!

Christine Chester, CC Account Keeping Services Beaconsfield, VIC

christine chester
So worth the time and money! Thanks so much xo

Renee Hall, Count Us In Bookkeeping Park Ridge, QLD

Screenshot 2019-12-07 15.41.51
I'm nerding out so happily watching - this is GREAT!

Kristy Fairbairn, Oasis Bookkeeping Launceston, TAS

Kristy Fairbairn Oasis Bookkeeping
I love Amy's spreadsheets! She's so clever with spreadsheets!

Alex Dawson, Noswad Business Services Balwyn East, VIC

alex dawson

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions



Which documents and templates are included?

All levels include:

  • Health Check FAQs
  • Health Check Report TEMPLATE (Basic or Advanced, based on level)
  • 2 x Bonus Audio Teachings

Basic, Plus, Advanced and Professional levels also include:

  • Online Masterclass

Plus, Advanced and Professional levels also include:

  • Set of 4 email TEMPLATES
  • Health Check EXAMPLE
  • Health Check TEMPLATE (Basic, + Instructions, or + Instructions (Airtable), based on level)
  • Initial Consult TEMPLATE
  • Bookkeeping Proposal TEMPLATE (Outline or + Pricing Table, based on level)

Advanced and Professional levels also include:

  • Proposal Cover Letter TEMPLATE 

Professional level also includes:

  • Legal T&Cs TEMPLATE
  • Full Proposal with Engagement Letter
Do the proposal letters include eSign?

We have recently introduced higher tiered packages for the Health Check Masterclass that include Engagement Letter set ups in PandaDoc and Practice Ignition, which do include eSignature ability!

There are 3 options:

Using PandaDoc or Practice Ignition we can set up your proposal letters for you*. This allows you to send your proposals for signing electronically, track their status, and set reminders.

PandaDoc is US$15 per month for unlimited clients and can send any kind of docs that needs signatures, like engagement letters, employee welcome pack, auth docs and more. It can't create payment plans or direct debits, but you can use it to create the initial invoice in Xero and take payments via Integrapay.

Practice Ignition is AU$99 per month for 25 Clients and can only send auth docs and engagement letters. It can set up payment plans, take direct debits and reconcile to Xero invoices.

*Subscription fees not included.

Is there any support included with the documents?

The templates and learnings included in the Health Check Masterclass represent over 100 hours of work. Keeping templates and portals up to date requires a lot of maintenance, such as:

  • staying up to date with all the industry changes
  • applying the changes to the documents
  • admin costs of sending notices about updates
  • updating learnings, working, images and graphics as needed
  • preparing webinars and training

So for these very low fees we can't service this level of support. If you want updated templates in the future you would need to purchase the next version of the package when it gets released, or purchase some mentoring time or co-working days to troubleshoot your issues.

How does Airtable work?

We set up your checklist so you can collect data electronically via Airtable.

Airtable is a collaboration platform that gives your spreadsheets the power of a database. It can be used for forms, organising data and checklists. Forms can also be embedded into a page on your website.

Start Airtable for FREE.